Prediabetes and COVID-19

Viruses, including COVID-19, prefer a glucose-rich atmosphere[1] for robust growth.

Prediabetics have elevated blood sugar levels. Our bodies are rich with glucose and are walking bull’s-eyes for COVID-19 looking to take up residence in the nearest fertile host.

We’re not more likely to become infected with COVID-19 if we’re prediabetic, but, once infected, we are at increased risk of harm from the virus.

Another piece of bad news is that infection with COVID-19 might lead to development of type 2 diabetes.[2] If someone is prediabetic, their risk of developing T2D is already elevated. Pile on a COVID-19 infection, and the risk goes up even more.

The good news is there are protective steps that can be taken.

Talk to your healthcare provider about changes you can make in your diet. Cutting back on carbs is probably the first step.

Start now, with a healthy lunch or supper, wherever you are in your meals for the day. No need to wait until next week or next month.

The goal is to reduce the amount of excess glucose floating around in the blood.

You may end up infected with COVID-19, but by reducing your blood sugar levels, you can make it a harder battle for the little parasites.

Remember: wear a mask, clean your hands repeatedly throughout the day, and maintain six feet of separation.

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