Kitchen Helpers


Change your food, change your life.

Yes, it may be as simple as that. We all know that many of us are prediabetic because of our food choices.

Together, let’s share recipes that are common and healthy. Let’s learn from each other—life is much easier that way, don’t you think?

Note: Before making any changes to your diet, talk with your healthcare provider and a nutritionist/dietitian to discover what will work for you.

Let your budget be your guide! For the knives and cookware, if the budget doesn’t immediately allow for a purchase, save up and then buy solid products. You won’t regret it.


The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of America’s Most Imaginative Chefs

Carb Manager (free) and Carb Manager Premium (not free). One of many apps available for tracking amount and nutritional value of food and drink you consume.

Anthony Bourdain’s favorite knife recommended for home cooks: Global Chef’s knife. There are multiple sizes and sharpeners, finding one that fits your hand should be easy. A sharp, solid knife makes prep work easy.

Stainless steel oven-safe skillet, 15”. We’re not recommending a particular brand, but we do recommend stainless steel over cast iron, as the steel will hold up, is lighter weight, and easier to maintain. If possible, purchase a skillet with an oven-safe lid.

Nonstick cookware (pots and pans) sold in sets for the stovetop. You’ll get pots, lids, and pans for frying. Get a decent set and you’ll be surprised at how a good pot will change your cooking experience. Since there are several on the market, we’re not recommending a particular brand, but invest in a decent set and you’ll have it for years and years.

Zester for citrus peels and nutmegs, etc.

Various sizes of plastic, wood, and metal spoons both slotted and solid, spatulas, tongs, and whisks.

Food processor


Immersion blender

Stand mixer

Can opener

Measuring cups and spoons

Cutting boards


Mixing bowls

Mortar and pestle

Meat thermometer

Kitchen towels

Pot holders

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