Welcome! This site is for all of us who are trying to get the heck out of prediabetes land.


We are coaches trained in working with people who want to get out of prediabetes land. We started with CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program then expanded our approach to meet the real-world needs we saw in those living with prediabetes . Our coaches are professional health educators who believe that, in most cases, prediabetes is reversible.

Join us, and find out for yourself!

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Prediabetes and COVID-19

Prediabetics have elevated blood sugar levels. Our bodies are rich with glucose and are walking bull’s-eyes for COVID-19 looking to take up residence in the nearest fertile host.

Goodbye Coronavirus Blues!

We’re all facing a grab bag of fears right now. There’s little purpose to listing those fears, since they constantly run through our minds. Let’s focus instead on the other thing we have in common—prediabetes.


What we eat, when we eat, how much we eat — it all affects our blood sugar.